UK Petroleum Data CD - 2004

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Licensing Overview
Licence Awards
Online Licence Database
Annual licence return
Fallow Acreage
Out of Rounds
Historical licence awards
Recent Licence Awards
UK Onshore Rounds
12th Landward Licensing Round
11th Landward Licensing Round
10th Landward Licensing Round
22nd Seaward Licensing Round
21st Offshore Licensing Round
20th Offshore Licensing Round
Historical Licence Awards
Out-of-Round awards


Petroleum Act 1998
Petroleum Act (Commencement No. 1) Order 1999
Petroleum (Current Model Clauses) Order 1999
Gas directive implementing regulations in force
Environmental regulation/legislation

Environmental legislation

The Offshore Installations (Emergency Pollution Control) regulations 2002
Guidance Notes
Appendix I
Appendix II
Environmental legislation applicable to onshore hydrocarbon industry
Integrated Pollution Prevention and Control (IPPC) - Offshore combustion installations
Offshore Chemicals Regulations 2002
Link to HMSO for Offshore Petroleum Activities (Conservation of Habitats) regulations 2001

Offshore Chemicals Regulations 2002

Regulatory Impact Assessment
Guidance Notes on the Offshore Chemicals Regulations 2002
Link to HMSO for Offshore Chemicals Regulations 2002
PON15B - Drilling Activities
PON15C - Pipeline Activities
PON15D - Production Activities
PON15E - Decommissioning Activities
PON15F - Well Intervention/Workovers
Applications Received
Production permits rolling start timetable
Workshop scenarios and model answers
Frequently Asked questions
Useful Links

Guidance notes

Analysis to consultation on Guidance on Applications for Resolution of Disputes over third party Access to Oil and Gas Infrastructure
DTI Measurement Guidelines
Guidance notes of procedures for regulation of offshore oil and gas developments
Guidelines for the completion of pipeline works authorisations (PWA's)
Guidance notes on the use of co-ordinate systems
1962 Pipelines Act guidance
Guidance notes on the Public Gas Transporter Pipe-Line Works (Environmental Impact Assessment) Regulations 1999
Guidance notes for industry on the decommissioning of offshore installations and pipelines
Guidance notes for the environmental legislation

Guidance on the publication of main commercial conditions for use of onshore gas processing facilities and relevant gas pipelines required by section 12 of the Gas Act 1995 and section 10C of the Pipe-lines Act 1962
Guidance Notes on the Offshore Installations Regulations 2002
The Offshore Installations Regulations Appendix I
The Offshore Installations Regulations Appendix II


PON 1 Oil pollution Contents
PON 2 Loss or dumping of synthetic materials or other refuse at sea
PON 3 Damage to submarine telecommunications cables and plant
PON 4 Application for consent to drill exploration, appraisal, and development wells
PON 5 Application to abandon or temporarily abandon a well
PON 6 Measurement of petroleum
PON 7 Reporting of petroleum production
PON 8 Application to complete and/or work over a well
PON 9 Record and sample requirements for seaward surveys and wells
PON 9b Record and sample requirements for landward surveys and wells
PON 10 Buoys
PON 11 Report of incidents during well operations
PON 12 Department of Trade and Industry well numbering system
PON 13 Applications for consent to drill or re -enter high pressure high bottom hole temperature exploration and appraisal wells:
PON 14 Application for consent and notification of intent to carry out oil and gas surveys and shallow drilling.
PON 15 & 16 Assessment of environmental effects
PON 16 Application for consent

Environmental legislation applicable to the offshore hydrocarbon industry (England, Scotland and Wales)
Integrated Pollution Prevention and Control (IPPC) - Offshore Combustion Installations
Guidance notes on procedures for regulating offshore oil and gas field developments
Guidelines for the completion of pipeline works authorisations (PWA's)
Guidance notes on the use of co-ordinate systems in data management on the UKCS
Guidance notes on the Pipe-Lines Act 1962
Guidance notes on the Public Gas Transporter Pipe -line Works (Environmental Impact Assessment) Regulations 1999
Guidance notes for industry on the decommissioning of offshore installations and pipelines

Release Dates

DTI Data & Data Release Agents


Data viewing
Data purchase


Data purchase
Other Data Contacts

View DTI Well Data
Release Offshore and Onshore Wells on microfiche/CD-ROM
Core and Samples Offshore Wells
Core and Samples Onshore Wells
Onshore Wells
Purchase data through Well Data Release Agents
Release of onshore licence applications and reports
Offshore data
Onshore data
Other Data Contacts


Tabulated versions
Historical production data

UK Monthly Oil and Gas Production


Information strategy
UK Oil Portal
Meta data OG intend to release on the web


Basic Well Data
Significant Discoveries
Fallow blocks and discoveries
Drilling Activity
Well stratigraphy and lithology data

List of fields
Production data release
2003 oil production
2003 gas production
Field approvals
Flaring by fields
Production projections
Oil and Gas received at terminals

Licensing information
Basic Well Data
Hydrocarbon prospectivity of Britain's onshore basins
Oil and Gas discoveries 1983 - present
Graphical search for onshore data
12th landward licensing results
11th landward licensing results
10th round results
Guidance on onshore co-ordinates
Onshore environment regulations & pipelines guidance
Onshore licensing map
Relinquished Licence Reports
OG-LED and the UK Onshore Oil and Gas Industry - a talk given by Geoff Swann
Notification of Onshore Seismic Survey
UK Coal Resources Map

2003 oil production
2003 gas production
Production data release
Discovered recoverable reserves - oil
Discovered recoverable reserves - gas
Potential additional reserves
UKCS potential for reserves growth
Estimate of undiscovered recoverable reserves
UKCS initially recoverable reserves
Economic background
A look ahead at UKCS activity
Sales and expenditure
Taxes and royalties
Oil received at terminals
Gas received at terminals
The United Kingdom Oil and Gas Activity wallmap
Colour Map showing UKCS Principal Infrastructure
Colour Maps/plate showing UK and Oil & Gas activity
Colour Maps showing UK Continental Shelf Designations
Onshore licensing map

Approved Decommissioning Programmes

Statements received
Assessments that need not be carried out
Decisions on statements
Oil spills 1991 - 2003
Oil discharged with produced water
Average oil in water content
Guidance Notes on Environmental Legislation
The Offshore Petroleum Production and Pipelines Regulations 1999
European Institutions
Non-government Organisations
Other Government Departments
Cabinet Office
UK Operator Suppliers
European Institutions
List of Major UK Oil Refineries
Sponsorship of UK Downstream Oil Market
Petroleum products Market
Environmental standards and product quality
Health and safety legislation (including licensing of petrol stations)
Useful contacts and sources of information (including recent select committee reports)
Well consents
Field development
Field consents
Field reporting
  Table 2.1 Unit costs of fields at 2003 prices
  Table 3.1 Oil Spills Reported to the Department 1991 - 2003
  Table 3.2 Oil Discharged with Produced Water 1991 - 2003
  Table 4.1 Intentions to drill E & A wells: from DTI 2004 Survey
  Table 4.3 UKCS Oil Reserves 2003
  Table 4.4 UKCS Gas Reserves 2003
  Table 4.5 Estimates of Potential Additional Reserves 2004
  Table 4.6 Estimates of Undiscovered Recoverable Reserves on the UKCS Reserves in Future Discoveries by Geological Area
  Table 4.7 UKCS Initially Recoverable Reserves
  Table 4.17 Production Projections
  Chart 2.4 Trends in the production of oil and gas, 1970 to 2003
  Chart 2.5 Average oil and gas prices from UKCS sales, 1976 to 2003
  Chart 2.6 Unit operating costs in 2002 prices, 1976 to 2003
  Chart 2.7 UKCS investment by operators and licensees, 1976 to 2003
  Chart 2.8 Balance of Trade 1976 - 2003
  Chart 2.9 Employment in the oil and gas sector, and employment offshore, 1978 to 2002
  Chart 3.1 Oil Spills Reported to the Department 1991-2003
  Chart 3.2 Average Oil in Water Content
  Chart 4.1 E & A Drilling: Comparison of recent surveys with wells drilled
  Chart 4.2 Intentions and recent investment
  Chart 4.3 Discovered Recoverable Reserves - Oil
  Chart 4.4 Discovered Recoverable Reserves - Gas
  Chart 4.5 UKCS Sector Potential for Reserves Growth by Further Development


  UKCS Discovery Wells & New Spuds - Offshore
  UKCS Identification of Landward Quadrants


1. Review of Fields

2. Offshore Licensing Rounds

3. Development Plans Authorised in 2004

4. Drilling Activity

5. Significant Offshore Discoveries in Date Order

6. Onshore Oil and Gas Discoveries 1983 - Present

7. Sales and Expenditure on Exploration, Development and Operating Activities

8. Taxes & Royalties Attributable to UK Oil and Gas Production and Gas Levy

9. Oil Production

10. Gross Gas Production

11. Crude Oil and Natural Gas Production

12. Flaring by Fields 2003

13. UKCS Oil Production Platforms

14. Offshore Oil and Gas Trunk and Interfield Pipelines

15. Decommissioned Installations

16. Government Contacts

17. Glossary of Terms and Abbreviations



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